In the call to serve and protect the public, the Midsayap Police Station implemented “Oplan Lambat Bitag” at different entry and exit points of Midsayap. The operation was conducted on the 14th of June, 2018 together with the personnel from Cotabato Police Provincial Office composed of 13 Municipal Police Stations from the 1st and 2nd Districts of North Cotabato, 40 Field Training Police, 1 Highway Patrol Team from Kidapawan City and 1 Mobile Company.

The “Oplan Lambat Bitag” was instigated for the intention of reprimanding violators and remind motorists to always comply with the law and traffic rules. A total of 321 motorist violators were apprehended during the operation composed 285 Motorcycles, 35 Tricycle and 1 car. Violations like driving without license, expired registration, no plate, open pipe and other violations of Republic Act 4136 (Land Transportation Code of the Philippines and Municipal Ordinance) were committed by the violators.

According to Police Senior Inspector Junrel D. Amotan, Deputy Chief of Police of Midsayap, the “Oplan Lambat Bitag” was a successful operation. He said that although there was a significant decrease in the number of caught violators compared to last year, the campaign has a major impact on public awareness pertaining to the rules of traffic, law and order as well as the consequences of their violations. He also added that this drive hopefully reach the objective to prevent, if not lessen, the carnapping incidents in the Municipality of Midsayap.

PSINP Junrel D. Amotan then encourage the public to follow the traffic laws, respect police and military as this program is not only for the benefit of the Police or Army but is intended to the public and their safety in the community. He further said that the Public’s cooperation with the authority is vital to make the drive on public safety become successful.

This activity brought about by the coordination of the Police, Traffic Enforcers and the Local Government of Midsayap is part of the vision to which the Local Government Unit of Midsayap vows to remain true, which is to make the Municipality of Midsayap balanced, attractive and safe environment to its constituents, investors and visitors.

Jesus B. Escondida, Jr.
Municipal Administrator