The Local Government Unit of Midsayap had owned after it purchased a 2-units 6 wheelers dump truck for the benefits of Midsayapeños in the Municipality.

The heavy equipment projects which utilized a total of P 9, 790, 000.00 were granted and was approved last October 16 – 17, 2014 – 75 or BAC Resolution Decelerating Lowest Calculated Responsive Bidder (LCRB) and Recommending Approval.

Municipal Mayor Romeo D. Araña said that the equipment shall be used for various road work and improvements and other infrastructure projects of this Municipality.

“The purpose of purchasing the aforesaid equipment was to serve and improve the economy of every Midsayapeños in addressing their needs in terms of farm – market roads especially in the far flung areas.” Araña added.

Along with this, the turnover and blessings of the said equipment was done last July 23, 2015 at Municipal ground.

Meanwhile, the purchased equipment was not only for the benefits of this Municipality but it will also be used in PPALMA area in its infrastructure development projects.

So far the LGU-Midsayap have received positive feedback from the Barangay Captains of this Municipality in using the said equipment with a purpose of developing and constructing more infrastructures project in the community.

The other equipment purchased by the LGU-Midsayap was one (1) Buldozer; one (1) Backhoe Loader; one (1) Pison and one (1) Rescue ambulance were it had been served to the people in terms of the development and saving lives in the community.

Meanwhile, the programs and projects of “Onward Midsayap” have gone a long way now in uplifting the lives of every Midsayapeños by giving them tangible and beneficial projects for the economic growth in the Municipality.

Lastly, Mayor Araña stresses the development of this Municipality would not be possible without the full support of its constituents in programs and advocacy of the LGU and their active participation in Midsayap.

Written by: RANDY S. YAP